The Autobag® PS 125 OneStep™ bagging machine is the ultimate in hand load packaging systems. This Print-n-Pack unit can efficiently print high resolution text, graphics and barcodes directly onto bags and present them for loading, bringing simplicity, versatility and value to low- to hand load applications. This compact bagging machine is ideal for mail order applications, short production runs and build-on-demand operations, offering bag sizes from 50 x 100 mm to 265 x 420 mm. The PS 125 OneStep bagging machine has a built-in PH 412 printer, eliminating the need for a separate labelling operation. The printer features a tilt-back print head for easy maintenance and the optional AutoLabel™ design software simplifies label creation. Pairing this bagging machine with system-matched Autobag polythene bags offers the ultimate solution for hand load applications. ** Click for more **

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