"The Hunter’s Cabin" - tableware for table setting


«The Hunter’s Cabin» collection of casted tableware is the triumph of Russian nature and the pinnacle of craftsmanship of the Russian jewelers. It consists of a large number of various tableware pieces: tea and coffee sets, glass holders, wine glasses, utensils and table setting items. All the items are made using the artistic casting technique allowing thoroughly working through the details, creating prominence and showing fine artistic nuances. The noble color of the metal and expressive artistic elements are achieved due to handwork and oxidation (blackening) process. The tableware is covered in the 24 micron thin layer of pure silver of 999.9 fineness. This technology is specified in GOST and is strictly observed at the enterprise. The Hunter’s Cabin collection items will definitely be appraised by the collectors and people interested in the esthetics of the Russian soul and the Russian nature.

  • dinner services
  • Houseware, copper
  • cutlery canteens

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