Sesame seed is one of the oldest seeds people know. In Ancient Egyptian time, people was producing bread from the flour that was made by this seed. Sesame seed could be added to the meals for more taste and also oil would be acquired from this seed. It was used first in 3000 BC. Sesame seed is still used for the meals in Near Eastern and Far Eastern area. Sesame seed is usually used for producing helva and sesame paste, besides this for the other sweet products. Category:Sesame Group Product Code:G.601 Barcode:8692134366651 Dead Weight:600 gr Gross Weight:900 gr Outer Package:Shrink film and carton Pan Cart. Dimension:28 x 28 x 14 cm Carton Weight:5.790 gr Prod. in Carton:9 pcs Carton in Pallet:108 Package Shelf Life:24 months Keeping Conditions:Keep away sunshine and store in cool and dry places.

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