Talc or Talcum is a white or grey metamorphic rocks in the form of large fibrous foliated aggregates, in chemical terms it belongs to silicates group called magnesium silicate hydrate also called steatite, despite its Hardness scale it's considered the softest mineral on earth it's even called baby powder as it's used safely on the skin on newly born babies. AIMR is the largest supplier first grade white talc lumps from Egypt’s best talc mines. Further, AIMR conducts strict brightness and Whiteness testing to ensure the utmost purity, potency and safety of its products. Our first grade talc lumps come in different sizes and used in many industries like Ceramics, porcelain, cosmetics, and paints. AIMR exports and supplies major minerals processing companies in Europe and Middle East with our first grade, high purity white talc lumps.

  • natural talc
  • raw materials for the ceramics industry
  • supplies for the ceramics industry
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