TanFlow Drum Screen


The externally fed TanFlow Drum Screen is characterized by its rugged and simple design, as well as by its small footprint allowing for installations with limited space. The TanFlow is employed where it is necessary to separate larger flows of liquid from solids – irrespective of industrial or municipal applications. Even oily and greasy media can be separated. Function The process or waste water reaches the sieve drum surface via the headbox. First, the liquid runs from the outside of the drum into the inside. Thus, the solids which are larger than the chosen wedgewire opening settle on the surface. Due to the continuous drum rotation they are transported to the scraper where a gentle separation of the solids is effected. The cleaned liquid flows after the separation process once again through the drum, this time from the inside to the outside (backwash) where it finally leaves the machine through an outlet pipe. Installation Examples municipal WWTPs wood...

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