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Tandem monocoque PTTCW110


Galvanized handle supporting hydraulic, electric and pneumatic lines - Grain chute with a gutter Ladder and side steps Any color from the RAL palette (standard red 3001 and green 6002) Side boards with extensions 2 x 50 cm FUHRMANN profiles Wedges mounted on the front side Check valves regulating the tilt of the load box (protection) Crank-screw hand brake Rear hitch (possibility of towing a second trailer with a DMC of 10,000 kg. 13,000 kg and 15,600 kg) additional electric socket Single-line brake system Adjustable front hitch. Complete side locking system, modular z-shaped system Rear wheel fenders Load box service support

  • Tandem monocoque
  • trailers
  • Grain chute with a gutter

Product features

Load capacity (kg) 10000
Own weight (kg) 3300
Permissible total weight (kg) 13 300 3
Loading capacity (m3) 9.0 or 11.3 or 13.5
Loading area (m2) 11,7
Internal cargo box length (mm) 4750
Length of the load box outside (mm) 4850
Inside width of the cargo box (mm) 2450
Load box width outside (mm) 2550
Overall dimensions (length / width / height) (mm) 2550 6350/2550/2100*
Box wall height (mm) 800, 1000 or 1200mm monocoque construction
Platform height from the ground (mm) 11000
Wheel track (mm) 1760
Suspension parabolic springs
Drawbar eye load (kg) 1660
Tire size 4000-15,5
Tipping system tripartite
Design speed (degrees) 30km
Load box tipping angle (rear / side) (degrees) 50/45
telescopic ylinder (stroke / oil requirement / pressure) 1700/13L/200 bar
Tractor power requirement (km) 75

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