Tandoor Sarmat Ataman - Tandoor (ceramic oven) used for cooking meat (bbq), fish, grill, vegetables


Tandoor Sarmat Ataman can be used as a decoration of your cottage yard. Wall thickness is 5 cm, the height is 107 cm, the diameter of the neck is 34 cm. Tandoor Sarmat Ataman is completed with a set of 12 sqewers, a poker, a scoop, a grate and skewer’s hanger. In a ceramic Tandoor Sarmat Ataman, you can easily cook any kind of meat (e.g. lamb leg, barbeque or poultry) as well as prepare various fish dishes, vegetables, and bakery. Along with practical characteristics, Tandoor Sarmat Ataman posesses art qualities as well - it can be an original decorative element for your cottage yard or a gift for your friends!