Benefits of EVAL Plastic Fuel Tanks vs. Steel Multi-layer plastic fuel tanks stand up to steel. They are: Lighter, reducing overall car weight and improving fuel efficiency Safer, they are less likely to perforate or leak in a crash Space-efficient, they can be molded into complex geometries to optimize space Economical, regrind is recyclable and reusable Cleaner, emitting less waste Why EVAL? Using EVAL, plastic fuel tanks use the combination of the HDPE for its mechanical properties and the unique chemical properties of EVAL™. Using an EVAL™ layer within the multi-layer structure, the tank is chemically resistant and provides excellent gas barrier, making the tank impermeable. EVAL™’s gas barrier properties of HDPE are 4,400x stronger than HDPE making it the ideal choice when looking to reduce hydrocarbon emissions. EVALs unique characteristics: Outstanding fuel barrier, passing slosh tests and LEV I, II and III regulations Resistant to hydrocarbons Economical, can be rec

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