The ThermoCar is an electric engine heater using the thermosiphon system. As the temperature of the coolant in contact with the heating element increases, its density will decrease, causing the coolant to move towards the upper part of the engine. The coolant leaving the heating unit of the ThermoCar is replaced by cold fluid from the engine. Repeating this cycle will enable the coolant to circulate naturally. The engine heater can be turned on a few hours before the engine is started, or operate on stand-by to maintain the engine at the required temperature at all times. This ensures an easy full power start whatever the ambient temperature and avoids cold start mechanical damage. The system has the following advantages: fuel savings, decreasing pollution, reduced engine wear, no more difficult cold starts. C’est un système universel, fiable, facile à monter et ne nécessitant aucune maintenance. The ThermoCar heaters are suited for all industrial applications, either stationary (smal

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