Taper taps - Die collars


Drillstar taper taps and die collars are manufactured from high-grade alloy steel and cemented to ensure the highest strength. They are available in a wide range of sizes, and can be equipped with different types of guides. Taper Taps Plain type Drillstar taper taps are either plain or fluted, with four longitudinal grooves which allow the easy evacuation of cuttings. The hardened cutting teeth (wickers) are available with either right-hand or left-hand spiral. Over a meter in length, the taps offer two particular advantages : First, they can be screwed into the washover subs, thus allowing the tap to be guided by an external tube. Secondly, due to the fine tapering of the threads, the tap can be screwed further into the fish head and will accept considerable pull without releasing the fish. Skirted type For difficult fishing operations, Drillstar Industries has developed a skirted taper tap. This rugged tool is composed of 3 pieces : 1.A taper tap with an upper pin thread. 2.A sk

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