isoTHERM® 1000 - Tape


The basic material for isoTHERM® 1000 - Tapes is produced by a chemical refinement process. The components that melt at a low temperature are eliminated from E-glass fibres in this process, so that the temperature resistance level is increased. The products can be identified by their light blue colour. isoTHERM® 1000 has extremely textile properties, does not irritate the skin at all and is classified as absolutely harmless to health. Available dimension: width: 8 - 120 mm, thickness: 2 - 10 mm.

Product features

Material: E-glass filament
Diameter: Woven, with two firm edges, dimensionally stable but flexible with good tensile strength
Application limit: +850 °C
Brief peaks up to: +1000 °C
Fineness of fibre: 6 µm
Colour: Blue

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