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Tatami Mat

(100*100*2.6 cm)

18.00$ HT
unit prise


"Eva-Line" tatami mat - environmentally friendly floor covering for gyms, rings. Do not have foreign odors, are non-toxic, have antibacterial and hypoallergenic effect. End edges are included with each mat. Material: double layer EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) Color: blue / red, red / black, yellow / blue, yellow / gray Size: 100*100 cm Mat thickness: 26 mm (18 y.e.) / 20 mm (15 y.e.) / 30 mm (20 y.e.) Density: 100 kg / m3 Hardness: 30 shore Weight: 2 650g Made in Ukraine

Shoes, sports and leisure
  • EVA
  • tatami mats

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