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Tech Sleeve® Soft

Investment for the future


Tech Sleeve® Soft is designed to eliminate the need for compressible double sided mounting tape as the surface is up to 50% compressible without bulging. Soft sleeves allows thin 0.1mm non-compressible tape to be used instead of 0.5mm tape, which reduces the overall expenses on mounting tape. Moreover, the compressible surface of the soft sleeves does not lose its compressibility. Therefore, you may leave the plates on the soft sleeves, saving time in mounting department. Tech Sleeve® Soft is available in densities of 40, 50 and 60 ShA. It is built with 5 different layers and unique high quality materials to ensure durability, consistency and dimensional stability. More details about Tech Sleeve® Soft can be found on our website. Tech Sleeve® Soft is available in Tech, Tech Pro and Tech Pro+ versions.

Product information

Sealed edges
Protects the core from damage by inks and solvents
Inner metal ring incl. registration slot
Strong and durable slot solution
Unique 3 year warranty
For Our Premium Product "Tech Pro+" Version