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Technical cardboard dividers - Antiskid, antigrease, antihumidity, antifriction/antiabrasion, antishock...


Cardboard dividers made of corrugated or compact carboard with several treatments designed to provide these dividers with a technical function, namely,to make it perform one or several of these functions: antiskid / antislip, antigrease, antihumidity, antifriction / antiabrasion, antishock, antistatic. They can be used to stack or palletise delicate goods. They can be supplied in planks or die-cut, with clefts or prints to convey brands or texts. We can also treat one or two sides of the divider, depending on the customer's wishes. We can advice what divider to use best. The client's particular needs are taken into account in every step of the way to design the best palletisation or packaging solution for every particular circumstance.