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When it comes to technical gas, this is mainly used in the industrial market. This type of nitrous oxide (N2O) is less pure. It is also called impure gas and therefore the price of this type is also cheaper. Gas has a purity level. The purity level of technical nitrous oxide is 98%. The reason this gas is impure is that no filter is applied here to make the nitrous oxide purer. What also differs is that this type of nitrous oxide (N2O) bottle does not have a residual pressure valve. This residual pressure valve can ensure and prevent rust, dirt, or other particles that should not be in the bottle from entering the bottle. What technical nitrous oxide (N2O) can be used for is, for example, as an oxidizer in a rocket engine. The advantage of this is that it is then nontoxic, also because nitrous oxide (N2O) is much easier to store and it is stable at room temperature. Technical nitrous oxide (N2O) is therefore also widely used in the aerospace industry.