Technological lines for production of juices, concentrates

general contractor for investments and the manufacturer...


... of machines used at every stage of production. Process B&P Engineering provides its customers with a comprehensive service. We start our cooperation with our customers by defining their needs, expectations and specific considerations linked with a given project. After finishing the talks we start the production process once the customer has accepted the project. The entire manufacturing process will occur in one place. Our production area is 15,000 m2 and this enables us to manufacture all the components of the production line. Starting from the raw materials reception area and ending with the storage facilities— i.e. unloading systems, conveying systems, mills, mash heaters, juice presses, evaporation stations, ultrafiltration systems, process tanks, pasteurization stations, equipment for the elimination of ACB bacteria from the concentrate, storage tanks and silos. We have successfully completed many turnkey projects and greenfield investments.

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Product features

Raw material receipt & transport section Dry discharge/unloading Wet discharge/unloading Wet discharge/unloading Sorting machines...
Pulp preparation and juice extraction section Mills & shredders | Tubular heat exchangers | Hydraulic presses
Depectinization section Fining agent preparation station (Dosing station) | Depectinization tanks Depectinization tanks
Filtration section XL Ultrafiltration system
Concentration section Falling film evaporators | Aroma extraction stations Aroma extraction stations
Storage Aseptic automated tank rooms for NFC juices and concentrates | Tanks for storage
Pasteurisation systems (ACB Elimination) Aseptic Filtration System MONA | Pasteurizers
Clean in place station CIP machines and piping

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Complete fruit juice concentrate process line

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