Technology of staining by Coaching


The technology of staining by Coaching is carried out by electrostatic spraying on high-tech equipment from Glasscoat (UK). Both full and partial staining of glass containers allows you to create an imitation of colored glass. Due to the control of the coating thickness, a dense, uniform and uniform coloring is obtained at the output. Our coatings have outstanding durability, ensuring that the bottle will be in excellent condition when it reaches the end user. A variety of colors with a variety of textures and shades - allows you to achieve a wide palette, including silver, gold, platinum and many others, as well as heat-sensitive paints that change their color when the temperature decreases or increases.

  • Packaging, glass
  • Import-export - glass and glass products
  • decorated glass bottles
  • glass objects

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100155 Tashkent - Uzbekistan


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