The panels have standard dimensions with heights ranging from mm 1000/1 250/1 500 and lengths from mm 2950/3950; they can be made to be housed inside HE120O/1 40/1 60 profiles. The panel frame consists of horizontal and vertical beams with different insertion sections of mm 80 for HE 160 profile, mm 60 for HE 140 profile and mm 40 for HE 120 profile; the 20mm-thick rear and front side, representing the sound-insulating part of the barrier, consists of a battened or tongue&grooved matchboard. Inside the panel no sound-absorbing material is fitted. The front face is embellished with motifs and drawings of various kinds. An "EPDM" seal is fitted on the vertical sides of the panel front to lock the panel inside the HE profile; an "EPDM" flat seal is also fitted at the panel bottom to avoid breaks between the panels. Bolts and screws include stainless steel screws, 15-micron passivated ring nails, galvanized clips. The wood used is impregnated pinewood; all the wooden elements are impr


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