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Tecsound 2FT is a combination of heavy viscoelastic mineral membrane Tecsound inserted between two porous felt layers. The product, apart from Tecsound FT modification, has higher sound absorption coefficient owing to Tecsound membrane layer ensuring good airborne sound insulation within audible frequency range. The product is recommended for use in places where it is required to achieve maximum noise reduction values. Suitable for use in suspended ceiling, wall, and floor constructions. Application WallWall CeilingCeiling PartitionPartition Composition natural calcium carbonate polymorph (natural aragonite) highly filled polymers organic oils porous felt

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  • Tecsound 80
  • Tecsound 2ft
  • Calcium Tecsound

Product features

Length, m 5.5
Width, m 1.2
Thickness, mm 24
Roll Area, m2 6.6
Surface Density, kg/m2 8.2
No. of Rolls per Pallet, pcs 6
Pallet Area, m2 39.6
Pallet Weight, kg 324.72
No. of Pallets per Euro Trailer, pcs 40
Area in Trailer, m2 1584

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