Teddy's Surprise toys - kids toys from various manufacturers. Finnish company Fenelinn provides a franchise for the right to use our Teddy's Surprise logo to all toy manufacturers, companies, store chains, etc. (We rent our logo). For using our logo, we take 12 % of the sale value of the Teddy's Surprise. When buying Teddy's Surprise the child does not see what kind of toy is inside. Teddy's Surprise gives all companies equal chances to amaze kids.Teddy's Surprise unites many companies. All interested companies will participate in Teddy's Surprise at the same time. One logo - different company names. Wide choice of toys. Teddy's Surprise is a mutual advertisement. Reciprocal advertising, you sell, we advertise, and also advertise all who sell. Simplifies the choice of toys for the child. Teddy's Surprise gives all companies equal chances to surprise children. Children like surprises. Forget about advertising of each copy of toys. Become a Teddy's Surprise partner.

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