Teflon | Type K | gas-, steam-, watertigth

Wire thermocouple


This inline thermocouple is especially invented for using under humid conditions. Compared with normal wire production this wire isolation is made in one work process, both conductors get moulded in Teflon at the same time. With this wire the measurement equipment is protected from capillary rising moisture through the wire. gas-, steam- and watertight Temperature range: -75°C to +250 °C, short-duration to + 300 °C Wire type: Teflon,0.38 mm, solid, Tmax: +300 °C

Electric cables
  • Inline thermocouple Type K
  • Wire thermocouple
  • wire
  • thermocouple
  • Teflon
  • Type K
  • solid
  • watertigth
  • Inline thermocouple

Product features

Thermocouple pairing Type K
Limiting deviation Cl.1 as per DIN EN 60584-1: 2014-07
Conductor TeflonTEX-27-KK-IEC-Special
Insulation PTFE-Teflon, 250 °C
Conductor Ø 2 x0.38 mm, solid
Dimension 2.0mm
Wire length 500–5,000 mm
Connection Selection

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