Telecrane Remote Control F21-F24-F25

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Telecrane remote controls are available in three distinct ranges, all made of reinforced polymers for optimal robustness. F21-E3M: Specifically designed for applications such as hoists or sanitation trucks, they offer between 2 and 6 functions ( with 1 step buttons). F24: Equipped with 12 to 52 functions, these remote controls are versatile. They are ideal to control aerial work platforms, special vehicles, overhead cranes, winches, cranes, hoists, conveyors, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, PLC interfaces, and many other industrial machines. F25: Designed for a variety of equipment, they offer from 6 to 11 functions, especially for needs such as lifting or steering ( available with 1 or 2 steps buttons). Possibility of increased range 500 meters between transmitter and receiver. Band Frequency 433MHz.

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