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The Teleprompter Video Board will allow you to read reflected text from a 19" monitor or tablet while looking directly into your camera lens. The teleprompter is mounted on a tripod. Using a large monitor allows you to shoot from a long distance (the text is distinguishable even from 10 meters). Longrange shooting (possible with the use of optical zoom) allows you to minimize the effect of "running eyes", which gives an advantage over smallsized teleprompters. The kit includes a teleprompter frame, black cloth, 2 mirrors, all the necessary fasteners for mounting on a tripod, mounts for a phone, camera, tablet, monitor, and a box for transportation. To assemble the teleprompter, you will only need a phillips screwdriver. You can order a tripod and a monitor for the teleprompter from us or purchase it separately. To work, you need Tripod 20 kg 19inch monitor Laptop with the free TeleMay pro program 1 meter HDMI/VGA cable, for connecting a monitor to a laptop