Material: Balls, rails and slides roller bearing steel. Version: Rail and slide galvanized. Tracks inductively hardened. Balls hardened. Note: Partial extension consisting of a fixed guide rail and a movable slider. The slide can move somewhat more than half the length of the rail (C travel). By removing the locking screw, a partial extension with the travel length C is possible to both sides. The total travel is thus 2C. This compact and simple construction allows very high load ratings. The maximum traversing speed is 0.8 m/s. Application temperature -30 °C to +170 °C. On request: Other lengths (pitch 80 mm). Size 28 up to max. 1170 mm. Size 35 up to max. 1490 mm. Size 43 up to max. 1970 mm.

Rails - ferrous-metal
  • telescope rails
  • telescopic rails
  • telescopic slides

Product features

Material roller bearing steel

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