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Precision Optical Assemblies & Systems


Telescope Optical Assembly. We have developed products over a wide range of telescope designs including refractive, reflective and catadioptric, with apertures sizes from 75 mm to 500 mm, incorporating glass, ceramic and metal optical materials. Our primary focus is in the UV-VIS-SWIR wavelength range. Our product history includes: Rugged high performance ISR lenses for UAV and other airborne applications wide thermal range wide FOV and high resolution Interferometric and MTF testing at temperature and altitude tight tolerance systems that maintain high performance in challenging environments Space systems survival of launch loads across all relevant launch vehicles selection of low outgassing materials cost effective systems utilizing a commercial supply chain where applicable Earth imaging large and small aperture panchromatic, multi-spectral and hyperspectral high thermal stability and high thermal gradient tolerance freeform designs Click to learn more