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Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder -


WHDJ Series Single Action Multistage Telescopic Cylinder Selection And Usage Maintenance Instructions WHDJ multistage telescopic cylinder is mainly installed at limited space, such as dump trucks, garbage compression vehicle, hydraulic stage, all kinds of lifting platform and so on. WHDJ cylinder has three installations bottom joint bearing and ear ring type ;cylinder body with flange type; cylinder body with cardinal axis type . WHDJ there are eight kinds of piston diameter, it can be composed of eight kinds of two stage cylinder, seven kinds of three stage cylinder, six kinds of four stage cylinder and five kinds of five stage cylinder. Under the premise of stability, we can provide more than 20 meters multistage telescopic cylinders to our customers. Rated pressure WHDJ multistage cylinder is 16Mpa; if short stroke WHDJ per level stroke is less than 500mm, the rated pressure is 21Mpa. 1、WHDJ selection