Telescopic five-stage cylinder (piston stroke: 2600 mm)

Telescopic five-stage cylinder HC000913


Length of the cylinder retracted / extended / piston stroke: 715 / 3315 / 2600 mm; Weight: 118,69 kg; Working/Test pressure: 16 MPa / 20 MPa; Diameter of the cylinder: 185 mm; Oil feed connector: G3/4" female thread;

Cylinders, hydraulic
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Product features

Length of the cylinder retracted 715 mm
Length of the cylinder extended 3315 mm
Length of the cylinder piston stroke 2600 mm
Weight 118,69 kg
Working pressure 16 MPa
Test pressure 20 MPa
External width of the cylinder 185 mm
Hydraulic connector G3/4" female thread
Start pressure 0,5 MPa
Piston extension/retraction speed 0,5m/s
Permissible ambient temperature -40 to +60℃
Permissible oil temperature -15 to +80℃
Type of gland threaded, screwed into the tube
Piston rod chrome-plated 20 µm
Type of fluid mineral oil based hydraulic fluid

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