This Product is arriving to the End of Life status. It is not recommended for new designs. Last time buy June 10th 2016. The Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ GSM/GPRS GC864-QUAD V2 is designed for industrial applications requiring a compact footprint and board-to-board connector. The xC8ó4 family provides pin-to-pin Compatibility with its UMTS / CDMA counterpart products. This module allows a SIM holder to be mounted on the bottom side of its PCB. This option reduces the integration effort. Key Benefits Design once and deploy globally thanks to the xC864 unified form factor Premium FOTA Management - Easy firmware update by transmitting only a small delta file PYTHON Script Interpreter - customers can run their Python applications directly inside the module RUN AT Remote command and event monitoring services SIM Access Profile

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