IT'S NO BIG THING WHEN TEMPERATURE-SENSITIVE GOODS ARRIVE SAFELY BY THE PALLET LOAD. Safely sending even large batches of temperature-sensitive products is no big thing with TCPplus® solutions from Storopack: Entire Euro Pool pallets can be effortlessly transported with our pallet shippers featuring passive temperature control. Storopack customers have the choice between our Neopor® thermo-pallet shippers designed for temperatures ranging from 2 to 8°C and 15 to 25°C and our XXL shippers made of XPS for temperatures ranging from 2 to 25°C. All three versions are capable of maintaining steady temperatures for a particularly long period of time: The XXL shipper keeps the packaged goods within the designated temperature range for at least 120 hours and the thermo-pallet shipper is guaranteed to maintain temperatures of between 2 and 8°C for over 110 hours. If required, Storopack can supply additional high insulation panels (HIP) for this pallet shipper, extending the time goods...

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