The entry-level model for anyone looking for a tenderiser that sits firmly on a base. Perfect for treating meat destined for steaks, skewers, marinades, ham preparations and brine-based preparations. Some components are made from high-grade Ertalon. This makes your investment lower than if you purchase a TenderStar Manual made from stainless steel. Quality: Designed and shaped in such a way that even the toughest piece of meat is tenderised while retaining its flavour and appearance. The blade block consists of 544 razor-sharp 0.08 cm blades. The blades are manufactured from elastically hardened steel. This material enables each blade to return to its original position after the action to prick the meat. That way, the meat is not damaged. The blade blocks are guaranteed 100% straight, so it is not possible to damage or tear the meat. No lubricating of the guides required: so less maintenance. Tenderising board made from high-grade polyethylene. The board makes a diagonal movement as

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