Top industrial quality for your butcher’s business or food company. Quality: Designed and shaped in such a way that even the toughest piece of meat is tenderised while retaining its flavour and appearance. Uses blades and not spikes. The blade block consists of 540 rounded blades made from stainless steel. The blades are set at an angle to prevent the meat from being sliced instead of tenderised. Extra-long blades for tenderising thick pieces of meat up to 14 cm. Extra connector element prevents the blades from bending. 1 movement per second: the ideal speed for maintaining manual and visual control. Hygiene: All parts that come into contact with the meat can be cleaned and sterilised, without the need for special tools. Can be cleaned using high-pressure equipment. Safety: Safety board is milled and fitted with a magnet. Clearly indicated work area on the board. Fitted with a unique start/stop system with dual start buttons for absolute safety. Manufactured to the latest EC sta

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