Tension measurement foot design flange design measuring journal with mounting aid as flange or foot design. To measure, regulate and control tensile forces in flexible material webs of different widths, e.g. plastic films, metal, paper, textiles etc. The process engineering requires to measure web tractions in running webs. The tension measurement should be made without any displacement so that the web lead will not be changed. The electrical output signal serves as tension indication and at the same time as control influence to the drive. Tension measurements approved themselves in the control of winders and unwinders (also twin and unwinding stations with automatic cutting and contact systems) and in case of pneumatic brakes which are controlled via an EP-converter. Furthermore tension measurements are used to control drive systems in dry / humid / cooling zones etc, that means everywhere, where length changes of a web are the result of a processing. Technical data Tension measurement measuring range 0-500N bridge resistance 350 Ohm connection via round connector 4 poles / M12x1 Load cell Measuring plug accuracy class for pressure or traction ±0,1% ±0,2% nominal characteristic value 2mV/V 1mV/V temperature range -10..+100°C -10..+105°C supply voltage 12VDC 10VDC max. load 150% v.E. 300% v.E. breaking load >300% v.E. >300% v.E. protection class IP 20 IP 54

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