Tent hangars


Tent quickly erectable structures become popular in the following areas: - in sports in the format of indoor multi-purpose gymnasiums, sports complexes and playgrounds. - in construction in rural areas for livestock sheds (pig barns, cow barns, etc.), warehouses (agricultural products, fertilizers etc.), greenhouses, sheds for equipment storage. - in the construction of multi-functional sheds and warehouses: for mass gathering events, for storage of aviation equipment, rail cars and trains, for covered parking lots, for goods storage. - marquises, summer cafes, exhibition pavilions. The scope of application: 1) Can be applied as part of the reconstruction of existing outdoor street courts and make them functioning on the all-season basis. 2) Advantages of tent structures consist in a transparent film that provides natural illumination of spaces. 2) Tent shelters enable to use advanced methods, for instance the Canadian cold technology of animal breeding 3) In crop farming

Metal construction, lightweight
  • modular metal constructions
  • hangar construction
  • light and heavy framework

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