The sail-like tensile structures are roofs subject to the only traction regime made with PVC membranes supported by rope systems. They have geometric shape supported by poles and tensioned by steel cables, plates and tie rods. Featuring a high resistance from the textile membrane coated both sides with waterproof, flame-retardant and self-extinguishing PVC, tent structures sail-like are made with properly reinforced edges at the connection points, anchoring points, and at the highest stress and wear points. The PVC membrane plays a key role, and since this type of cover is – probably – the most flexible in the world because can be adopted in a variety of situations. Its most important feature is the traction and tear resistance, and thanks to its “elasticity”, it allows tensioning. These structures can be used to cover small or large spaces due to the total lack of supporting structure. However, they require a project elaborated and built according to the...

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