Termozvukoizol Band

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TermoZvukoIzol is a special purpose band to be used as a soundproofing taping of inside outside pipelines, sewer pipes, ventilation ducts, air conditioning systems. The material effectively dampens vibration, acoustic noises, and reduces heat losses. Application FloorFloor WallWall PartitionPartition Composition sized needle punched glass fibre mat Spunbond nonwoven fabric self adhesive double sided tape

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  • Band Termozvukoizol
  • Termozvukoizol Pipes
  • Termozvukoizol Sewer

Product features

Length, mm 5000
Width, mm 180
Thickness, mm 14
Weight, kg 1
Roll Area, m2 0.9
Standard Sound Absorbing Coefficient within 500-4000 Hz, % 21-97
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient, W/m°C 0.333
Operating Temperature Range, °C -50 to +140
Operating Temperature, °C Over +10
Density, kg/m3 136
Elasticity, kPa 600
Package Plastic bag
Package Size, (LхW/хH), mm 850 x 850 x 300
Pcs. per Package, mm 10
Package Volume, m3 0.22
Roll Weight, kg 10
Euro Trailer Capacity Rate, package 480
Euro Trailer Full Loaded Weight, kg 4800

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