Teroson MS 939 WH (Silane modified polymers)

TEROSON MS 939 is a one-component, elastic, odourless modified silane polymer.


"TEROSON® MS 939 is a black, white or grey, one-component, flexible, odorless, low ratio modified silane polymer based adhesive used for elastic sealing. It cures to an elastomeric UV-resistant thermosetting material. It is resistant to deposition, providing high initial viscosity. It is corrosion resistant and contains no Solvents, isocyanates, silicones or PVC. Curing can be accelerated with LOCTITE MS 9371B. Very versatile. Hard to disassemble. Highly flexible. Excellent resistance to external factors and UV radiation."

Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial
  • Modified silane polymer based adhesive
  • Elastic, odourless
  • One-component

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