Mineral complex for supporting bowel cleansing, detoxification, obesity and therapeutic fasting. Supports/Is good for Bowel cleansing Gut flora Heartburn Diarrhoea Stomach ailments Optimised digestion Heavy metals and toxins Mineralisation Joints Skin Cholesterol level Osteoporosis Cellulite Area of use Detoxification and purification, elimination of heavy metals, environmental and pollutant toxins, acid-base balance, mineralisation, metabolic disorders. Recommended dose 5 capsules 1-3 times every day Children below 12 years will be given half the amount recommended for adults. Content: 120 capsules Ingredients Französische grüne Mineralerde vulkanischen Ursprungs, gereinigte Kieselerde, Kapselhülle: Cellulose Suitable for diabetics Premium Quality Lactose and gluten free, without colouring, flavouring, excipients and bulking agents, without chemical preservatives.


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