The increasing industry focus on electromobility and mobile applications in general generates a high demand for R&D testing systems and manufacturing equipment. For the development of high-performance batteries and hybrid systems, the analysis of durability, capacity, degradation and cycle stability is a significant part. FuelCon, as experienced manufacturer of automated testing and assembling systems, provides with the Evaluator-B a system fulfilling the challenging requirements of these applications with high accuracy and flexibility. Our Evaluator-B is designed to meet the requirements of production lines and research applications. Water or air cooled charge/discharge units optional with grid feedback allow the application within a performance range up to 1,000 kW, with currents up to 1,200 A and voltages up to 1,000 V.

Energy sources, alternative - equipment and systems
  • Test Equipment
  • Battery
  • Emulator

Product features

Current slew rate 3 ms, optional 0.3 ms
Accuracy ±0.03 % MV, ±0.015 % FS
Resolution Up to 21 bit

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