The Evaluator S25-HT is tailored to the needs of complex high temperature stack and system testing and evaluation. Combined with FuelCon‘s sophisticated TestWork software, this system provides full adaptability. Using either hydrogen, methane or reformate fuels, S25-HT is ideally designed for stack and system developers performing initial application studies, duty cycle tests for stationary and APU applications as well as for performance evaluation. Equipped with various types of HT inline heats, this test station is ideal for benchmarking stack module designs, optimizing production processes and running endurance tests on SOFC and SOEC. The stack activation, operational procedures and thermal cycle test protocols including dynamic hot gas generation that reflect real world module operation are all automatically managed by the test station.

Energy sources, alternative - equipment and systems
  • Test Equipment
  • Fuel Cell
  • mea

Product features

Std. fuel flow range 6 to 1,000
Std. air flow range 30 to 5,000
Footprint L x W x H 2.4-4 x 1.2 x 2.2-2.4 (m)
Max. gas temperature 950 °C
Gas humidity range Dry (by-pass) to 95 °C
Electronic load Up to 300 V/1,000 A/25 kW
Data logging SQL data base

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