The Evaluator C1000-LT is tailored to the needs of complex single cell and short stack testing and evaluation. With current capability up to 1,000 A, the C1000-LT is ideal for endurance testing and accelerated life time simulation especially for large cell areas with high current densities. The various safety features include a closed test cabin and an integrated ventilation system with LEL hydrogen detectors to safeguard the operator and your facility. Combined with FuelCon‘s sophisticated TestWork software, this system operates using either hydrogen, methanol or reformate fuels and is a powerful tool designed for MEA and stack developers as well as manufacturers to accelerate the time to market. The integration of several devices from our TrueData line of diagnostic products such as our impedance analyzer and cyclic voltammetry allows operators to perform detailed studies of material behavior under real application conditions up to operating temperatures of 250 °C.

Energy sources, alternative - equipment and systems
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  • Fuel Cell
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Product features

Anode flow range 0.4 to 40 [Nl/min]
Cathode flow range 1.0 to 100 [Nl/min]
Footprint L x W x H 1.8 x 1.2 x 2.0 (meter)
Std. gas temperature 130 °C (266°F)
Humidity range [RH] Dry to 100% @ 90 °C
Electronic load Up to 1000 A/2.5V/2000 W

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