The TesTController 850 is able to process up to six measuring channels with a 24 bit resolution and further six channels with a 10 bit resolution. In addition, it can handle three measuring channels for incremental signals. For controlling of drives there are three regulations channels available, so that even complex combination drives are possible (e.g. force and torque control at the same time). The maximum control frequency is 1 kHz, the maximum measurement frequency is 50 kHz. This testing machine controller 850 may recognize sensors that are equipped with TEDS chips (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet IEEE 1451.4), read their properties and calibration data, and automatically calibrate them. Thus, these electronic units operate with dozens of different sensors, so that a complex recalibration is not required. All universal testing machines of the model series 106 - 114 are equipped with the TesTController 850.

  • Testing software
  • Processing Unit
  • Control Unit


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