Tetraethylenepentamine – TEPA

Tetraethylenepentamine – TEPA
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Tetraethylenepentamine – TEPA is an organic chemical. It belongs to the group of ethylene-amines. It is a very useful chemical substance that is industrially made by the reaction of aqueous ammonia with 1,2-dichloroethane and then neutralisation and fractional distillation. Its chemical formula is C8H23N5. It is a polyazaalkane. Chemical Appearance Tetraethylenepentamine – TEPA, similar in appearance to most amines, is not colourless but has the appearance of a yellow coloured liquid. It is a somewhat viscous liquid. It is soluble in many polar solvents. It is slightly less dense than water. Its vapours are heavier than air. Chemical Applications and Strengths

  • Import-export - chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • chloride
  • phosphates
  • activated carbon

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