Textile Mechanic Sector -

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Production of components and assembled parts for the construction of textile machines. MACHINING CNC Horizontal Turning up to Ø 280×1000 mm CNC Vertical Turning up to Ø 500×500 mm CNC sliding head lathes up to Ø 23×205 mm CNC Horizontal Milling up to 630x630x630 mm CNC Vertical Milling up to 1020x600x600 mm Drilling and Threading Surface Treatments anodizing hard oxidation phosphating zinccoating Heat treatments tempering cementation hardening nitriding MATERIALS Martensitic stainless steel W1.4021 Ferritic stainless steel W1.4105 Austenitic stainless steel W1.430 – W1.4305 – W1.4404 – W1.4571 Titanium Hardening steel W1.7147 Heattreated steel W1.0503 ETG 88l Steel ANTICORODAL Aluminum EN 6060 – EN6082 ERGAL Aluminum EN 7075 AVIONAL Aluminum EN 2011 – EN2030 PERALUMAN Aluminum– FIBRAL EN5754 – EN5083 Bronze W2.0804 Brass W2.0402 Plastic materials POM (Delrin) – PA