The leather inspection process is very important in achieving efficient leather consumption while maintaining the high quality of the products. Gemini CAD Systems has developed Thagora Leather Scanning Machine LS 3000 AR, a new standard for precision, speed and ergonomics. -Key advantages of LS 3000AR -High precision for quality zones marking using Infrared technology -Ergonomics and automation of the leather inspection process based on augmented reality -Designed for mass production, with a second conveyor for automatic hides unloading -The LED inspection lights with the glare-free lenticular lens are adjustable in terms of intensity and color, ensuring the best condition for the hides inspection regardless of their color and structure -Integrated software module for quick automatic ranking of hides -Integrated stretching system that allows the identification of the fine cuts on the hides

Leather and skins for furniture
  • leather upholstery
  • Thagora Leather Scanning Machine
  • Thagora Leather Car Interiors Manufacturing
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