The Aquarius range of UV/Visible Double Beam Spectrophotomet -



Cecil Instruments now include four different models within their trusted Aquarius range of spectrophotometers. These multi-lingual double beam spectrophotometers may be operated in a choice of six languages. They provide superb performance, have powerful ESEF software and are fully accessorised. The range includes spectrophotometers with pharmacopoeial compliance, wavelength ranges between 190 to 1,100 nm, bandwidths, both fixed and variable, from 0.5 to 4 nm and PC control options. These versatile Cecil Instruments’ spectrophotometers may also be pre-programmed for use with proprietary test kits, for a vast range of assays, dedicated to water and effluent analysis. Life science and food and beverage pre-programmes, are available too. These spectrophotometers bring reliability, high performance, speed, versatility and convenience to R & D, Quality Control and Academia.