The Companion exoskeleton developed by the Symbionix is a robotized device combined with the EMS stimulation system designed for the rehabilitation of people suffering from supporting-motor apparatus injuries and central nervous system damages as a result of traumas, surgical operations or cerebral accidents. The exoskeleton is an automated mechanism copying the anatomy of the human pelvic girdle with a battery and external control module. Due to ergonomic clamps the device is fixed on a person and allows them move comfortably. The frame is made of high-technology advanced materials, extra strong plastics and titanium alloy; the exoskeleton weight only 8.5 kg, which makes it one of the lightest and strongest in the world. It is possible to use it with persons weighing up to 120 kg and of height up to 2 meters. The Companion exoskeleton is one of the cheapest in the world.

Rehabilitation apparatus and equipment
  • medical prostheses
  • Orthopaedics and physiotherapy - apparatus, instruments and equipment
  • rehabilitation for disabled persons

Product features

Equipment weight 8.5 kg
Battery performance without being charged Up to 12 hours
Maximum weight of the patient Up to 120 kg
Maximum height of the patient Up to 2 meters
Time of setting the equipment according to the patient’s requirements 7 minutes at most
Dimensions (when folded) 550*400*350
Availability of the EMS system Yes
Possibility of adaptation to the individual parameters of the person Yes

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