The Gngc-s, Gngc-s-m, Ncg-s Series Self-priming Centrifugal Pumps With Magnetic



Centrifugal pumps have well-known advantages such as uniform pumping without surges, the ability to create high pressures at low pump rate in multi-stage designs, long service life and others. However, operation of centrifugal pumps requires building positive pressure (pressure boosting) upstream of the inlet suction pipe for the following reasons: to fill the pump body with the pumped fluid in order to avoid a "dry start" to prevent cavitation during pump operation. Classic methods for creating pressure boosting before centrifugal pumps can be: installation of a tank from which the fluid is pumped, several meters above the axis of the pump shaft and placing the pump in the draw-off sump; inclusion of an additional vacuum pump into the process, which is capable of building the desired pressure boosting of several metres. HOW IS THE PROBLEM OF CREATING A PRESSURE BOOSTING IN MODERN SELF-PRIMING CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS SOLVED? Villina company offers you Villina self-priming GNGC series

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Pumps Priming
  • Couplings Pumps

Product features

Purpose transit of corrosive, toxic, explosive and flammable fluids at insufficient suction pressure
Pump rate ranges 0.8 to 450 m3/h
Head ranges 3 to 132 m
Self-priming height (depth) up to 6 metres
Seal type magnetic coupling according to API 685 or tandem mechanical seal according to API 682
Climatic version for moderate and for moderate and cold climate
Temperature of the pumped fluid for GNGC-S, GNGC-S-M up to plus 350°С, for NCG-S up to plus 450°С
Shaft speed 1,450 or 2,900 rpm
Structural design ОН-2 single-stage back pull-out pump according to API 610 or a single block

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