The Maxi Box Grenade

36.00€ HT


The Maxi Box Granata is an ARRIGHI promotion. The Box contains 36 packets of PASTA GRENADE. You will also receive a free ARRIGHI tshirt, hat and spaghetti dispenser as well as free shipping. The promotion is valid while stocks last. ARRIGHI PASTA GRENADE The Pasta of the Great Fans! WE ARE PLEASED TO REMEMBER THAT THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DESIGNED AS A SIGN OF THANKS TO THE TORINO FC WHO HAS CHOSEN OUR PRODUCT FOR THE WHOLE TEAM. You will receive the granata pasta in the format that will be available at that time they could be Tortiglioni, Fusilli, Farfalle

  • Packets Pasta
  • Pasta Arrighi
  • Maxi Pasta

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