Fixed gas detection system for oxygen, toxic and combustible gases This DIN – rail mounted modern control module saves space, money and installation time. One safe controller for all gases: Any combination of a sensor head plus control module is a complete gas detection system. This makes the Statox 501 so safe and reliable. The Statox 501 also gives you the opportunity to alter or expand existing systems with minimum cost and labor. Programs for all gases and measuring ranges are permanently stored in the memory of the controller. The user-friendly software program allows authorized personnel to select different configurations by a simple push of a button. Easy to install and easy to use The controll modules as well as the power supply and the common alarm module clip on to a DIN rail. The remote sensor heads and any alarm or recording devices connect to terminals on the front of the module. Each Statox 501 control module has three relays for alarm 1 and 2 and system failure (115 / 230 V AC / 2 A). An analog output for recorder or process control systems is also included. Measured values are displayed on a 4 digit LED-display. It is easy to program or calibrate the Statox 501! Just follow the menu! If intrinsically safe transmitters are to be installed in division 1 areas, they can be connected via intrinsically safe repeaters. 24 V power supply as well as the signals for the common alarm module are transmitted via bus from one module to the next. All terminals are easily accessible from the front. Field proven sensors for reliable gas detection Compur manufactures electrochemical sensors for the detection of oxygen deficiency and toxic gases. These sensors generate an electrical current proportional to the actual gas concentration. The remote sensor heads are designed as intrinsically safe certified 4 - 20 mA transmitters and have an integrated concentration display. Combustible gases can be detected with a variety of catalytic beads (pellistors) or infrared technology. The sensor heads are certified "Ex d" or "Ex de" and can be connected directly to the control module, even if they are to be used in classified areas. The control module can supply and operate different designs of catalytic sensors. With so many possibilities, the system can easily be tailored to suit your individual application needs. Easy maintenance saves time and money Maintenance of the 4 – 20 mA transmitters is very easy. A one-man calibration or replacement of the sensors can be done without further precautions, even in classified areas. Accessories A range of wall-mount cabinets for a maximum of 5, 8 or 32 controllers as well as a 19”-carrier, ensure an easy professional installation. -20 - +60 °C

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