The all-rounder: OPP overwrapping film



The all-rounder: OPP overwrapping film When it comes to sealable packaging films, OPP overwrapping film is a true all-rounder. Whether for food or non-food items: OPP wrapping film offers outstanding folding properties and, as white film, acts as a light barrier. We can provide you with packaging film that precisely meets your requirements. We will gladly advise you on solutions for your product involving OPP overwrapping film. OPP overwrapping film – the facts: Coated film, e.g. with acrylic and/or PVdC Foamed film, white/opaque (e.g. as a light barrier) Twist film with excellent dead-fold properties Suitable for shrink-wrapping as tamper-evident packaging for food and non-food items Thickness 17–60 microns Early sealing from 90 °C

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